Serena® Controls

Serena® systems offers a wide range of controls for its motors. Whether the motors is to be controlled individually / Group of motors/ connected to building automation, Serena® offers them all.

Control strategy for Serena® is designed keeping in mind the easy user interface and latest technology available in building services engineering. Serena® controls are open and can easily be integrated with all type of standard protocols in the industry.

With the combination of Serena® controls and serena sensors the roller blnds can also be operated based on various factora such as glare, heat gain, light pollution, temperature etc

Group Control


Programmable motor controls for operating 4 sunshade devices with group and individual controls, either wire-bound or via 868 MHz radio link.

– Microprocessor-powered motor controller for four sunshade controls
– Standard 3-wire central input
– Direct connection available for four 230VAC motors
– Connection available for group button
– Connection available for four individual buttons
– Separate connection terminals for mains supply and central transmission
– 10 different operating modes can be set, incl. inching mode and
– Intelligent decentralised operation
– Motor run time/tilting time can be individually set
– Control via VRS radio remote control or VRS wall-mounted radio transmitter (MC P4 VRS)

Technical Data
Power supply 230VAC, 50 Hz
Impulse voltage withstand level 2.5 kV
Radio frequency (MC P4 VRS 868 MHz
Rated power 868
Fuse 868
Maximum load:
Align switching time extend:
Align switching time retract:
230VAC, 50 Hz
250VAC, 4A, cos f > 0.8 ind.
3 – 180 s
180 s
Permissible motor current max. 6A
Software class A
Operating temperature 0 °C (32 °F) to +40 °C (104 °F)
IP class IP54
Degree of contamination 2
Dimensions (L × W × H) 170 × 134 × 85 mm (without connections)
Conformity CE

Building Control

The WISO-range – protection against wind, sun and more.

The blind controls WISO Control and WISO Quattro always move one single or a group of blinds automatically ormanually. One motor can be connected directly; alternatively motor controls can be connected and allow group settings for the connected blinds (and local according to the chosen motor control solution).

All products can be combined with two lux and one wind sensor to realize the automatic drive with equivalent setting. A rain, frost or temperature sensor can only be used with WISO Quattro.

Also available:

All controls with sensors and assembly kit.

WISO Quattro can be programmed on time (i.e. automatic up/down times per day).

WISO Quattro has a back lit touch display and is available in white and nero.

All products of the WISO series in 50 x 50 dimension can be adapted to standard switch range with intermediate frames.

WISO Quattro

WISO Quattro Nero

WISO Quattro Set Crystal : (incl. WISO Crystal Station)

WISO Quattro Set Plastic : (incl. LS 30 Pro; WS XS; WISO bracket plastic)

WISO Quattro Set Alu : (incl. WS SX ALU; LS 30 Pro; WISO bracket Alu)

The Touch Centre

Convenient, easy, safe –do you really need more?From outside to inside…

Central control with color display and timer, security, shade and energy saving program.

Central control with colored touch display for two or four potential-free groups to drive motors or motor controls (of the R-/P Series) 24 VDC/230 VAC

– Sensor connections (max.):
– 2 Wind sensors
– 4/8 lux sensors
– 1 Rain/frost sensor
– 2 Temperature sensors
– 1 DCF 77
– 1 Fire alarm
– 1 Maintenance switch

Vestamatic Building Controller BS (VBC BS

Vestamatic shade controls are on the market for over 30 years. They are popular for their ease of use, high product quality and long life.

– Established and trustworthy sun shade central control for the project business
– Easy to read and illuminated display
– Long life
– Large connection space
– Multilingual
– Output for error message
– wide range of uses
– Free sensor assignment / programming for each channel