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The roller system from Euro Systems was invented in 2013 initially intended for the construction market. The thought process was to create a system that is easy to install and can cope with the larger dimensions required throughout the construction market specifically as the windows in the region tend to be larger than other regions.

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Why Choosing Euro Systems Blinds

Since its introduction the system has continuously been developed and improved for easier usage and installations. One problem in the roller blind industry is the upgradation. In general when an already installed manual system is changed to motorized system the complete system is changed. This is loss of time and money.

Euro Systems has come up with a solution to it and currently it is the only roller system in the market that can be upgraded from a manual system to a motorized system seamlessly by adding the motor to the system instead of the manual gear. The remaining systems remain the same. This unique feature allows users to upgrade in later phases of the project without having to replace the entire blind, which is common for other roller systems also available in the market.

Introducing the manual roller blind system – Salire® & motorized roller blind system – Serena®

Salire® is a bi-directional chain operated manual roller blind with smooth operation for raising and lowering of blind at any desired height while Serena® is a motorized roller blind system which is simply operated by a remote or a switch. Serena systems are also perfect for home automation and building automation systems.

When using the Serena® motorization program from Euro Systems you can upgrade your manual Salire® blind to the comfort a motorization provides. The Serena® motor and control program offers a large variation of control options from remote control to smartphone and/or for complete building control.

Being motorized with Serena® the variety of sizes that can be built increases to include the Serena® 170 series, which can take double height windows up to 9 m in height.

Serena® motorized roller blind series consist of:

– Serena® 100
– Serena® 170

Grandis is the name for our monumental shading solution, which can cover up to 12 m in width and 6 m in height. It is designed to be easy to install and provide a shading solution for large windows or openings without being bulky and disruptive in your interior design. Please for more details.