Serena® System

The roller system from Euro Systems was invented in 2013 initially intended for the construction market. The thought process was to create a system that is easy to install and can cope with the larger dimensions required throughout the construction market specifically as the windows in the region tend to be larger than other regions.

Serena Edge Clearance

System Parameters: Fabric: Up to 0.7 mm in thicknessFabric Weight: Up to 600 g/mBottom bar: Up to 700 g/m

Edge clearance for a single blind

Edge clearance for 2 banded blinds

Edge clearance for 3 banded blinds


Cover and intermediate frames

Berker B3

Busch-Jaeger, Reflex SI

GIRA E2, flat anthracite

GIRA E2 flat white

GIRA E2 white polished

GIRA Standard 55 white polished

GIRA Standard 55 white


GIRA Standard 55 fla white

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