Specialty Blinds

For architects and designers, skylight shading systems for large areas offer the possibility of bringing a big amount of natural daylight into the building, which will ultimately result in a decrease in energy consumption. Since huge buildings require a lot of energy, the massive benefit of Solange® large shading system is to let natural light in, while reducing the heat and UV rays.

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  • Solange® Screen 1%
  • Solange® Screen 3%
  • Solange® Poly 5%
  • Solange® ScreenBlock
  • Solange® PolyBlock
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Solange® blind system

Seeing the correct balance of light in your space is a great feeling, whilst applying screen shades on large glass windows. The Solange® blind is a motorized shading system that creates a beautiful yet sophisticated look with its clean-cut design, but combined with a skylight or a facade, it will bring an outstanding performance to any spacious building.
The Solange® blind system is specially designed for complex buildings such as airports and shopping centers but architects also recommend it to cover large glass windows in the residential sector. Whether rectangular, sloping, roof, oriels, rounded – for any form of window shape there is a practical, harmonic and artistic solution.
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